July 6, 2019 - Read Time: 1 Minute
Robaire's Daiquiri
This daiquiri represents a century of experience: 50 years from my father, Pierre Marot Purves and 50 years from my husband, Robert Pollard.
  1. One part freshly squeezed lime juice
  2. One part caster or superfine sugar
  3. Three parts white rum (Ronrico is fine)
  1. Place all ingredients (no ice) in cocktail shaker.and shake vigorously to completely mix the ingredients.
  2. Crush ice either in an electric or manual ice crusher - or with mallet and a canvas bag.
  3. You will need approximately 1/2 cup crushed ice for each drink.
  4. Place crushed ice in insulated cooler
  5. Fill a coupe or stemmed cocktail glass with crushed ice.
  6. Pour daiguiri mixture over the ice.
  7. Garnish with a fresh wet sprig of Kentucky Colonel Mint which has been dusted with powdered icing sugar.
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