Praise for Kitchen Detail

Phillip B.

I am really impressed with your post. I think it’s well researched, accurate, and fair. I like your antidote about the difference in taste between hydroponic and soil grown veggies…
Great article. I am sending it around to friends and family.
Phillip B. 

Lloyd P.

Your Wonder Bread  article was Wonderful!  It had the kind of mix of history and humor that I like. I see a book in your future.

Lloyd P.

Elizabeth B.

As Eloise is want to say, “I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE” your blog.

Tracie T.

So miss your Old Town shop which I use to frequent most Saturday’s after the farmers market. I’m grateful you continue to delight us with your fabulous blog! I love it, and love the recommendations you make on fabulous products you used to carry – many I didnt know about but know own.. fab suede potholders, Lamson fish turners, and the marble mortar….

Rosemary Y.

I’m old-fashioned, but had to thank you for this and other interesting articles.  You’re the best!

Susan S.

Another fabulous article that whets my appetite for travel! Thank you, Nancy. I think you are a goddess! 

Susan K.

I have been remiss in not telling you how much I enjoy your missives, tips, recipes.You introduced me to Clementine and I  went on Amazon to find the book. What a delight!  I love her boeuf bourguigon and your recipes.Thank you soo much for your generosity sharing your knowledge and cooking tips.  thank you!  

Susan K

Tristi L.

It’s taken me an unconscionably long time to write and tell you have much I love the blog.  Your voice is perfect, and I almost always find something I need to make, or buy, or both.

Joan K

 So enjoy your blog.

Thank you for taking us with you on your European adventures !

Jane H.

I have been wowed by your posts and learned so much from them. Thank you so much!