Praise for Kitchen Detail

Neva T

I so much appreciate your answering my request and for helping me try to find an alternative—thank you. 
Thank you for your newsletter, too. I look forward to it, and I often try the recipes you include. I’m also a fan of your writing.

Vicky A.

Went straight to the website to order  carbon steel 8” frypans for myself, daughter and granddaughter. I was on the site  so early, they hadn’t posted the discount yet. Luckily I called and they were able to tell me it went operational at noon today.

Thanks so much for your great blog and opportunities to still purchase some wonderful kitchen items with your delightful explanations. Miss the store and saying hello to you.

Alexandria resident since 1977…on and off…military family and former customer of yours.

Phillip B.

I am really impressed with your post. I think it’s well researched, accurate, and fair. I like your antidote about the difference in taste between hydroponic and soil grown veggies…
Great article. I am sending it around to friends and family.
Phillip B. 

Lloyd P.

Your Wonder Bread  article was Wonderful!  It had the kind of mix of history and humor that I like. I see a book in your future.

Lloyd P.

Elizabeth B.

As Eloise is want to say, “I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE” your blog.

Tracie T.

So miss your Old Town shop which I use to frequent most Saturday’s after the farmers market. I’m grateful you continue to delight us with your fabulous blog! I love it, and love the recommendations you make on fabulous products you used to carry – many I didnt know about but know own.. fab suede potholders, Lamson fish turners, and the marble mortar….

Rosemary Y.

I’m old-fashioned, but had to thank you for this and other interesting articles.  You’re the best!

Susan S.

Another fabulous article that whets my appetite for travel! Thank you, Nancy. I think you are a goddess! 

Susan K.

I have been remiss in not telling you how much I enjoy your missives, tips, recipes.You introduced me to Clementine and I  went on Amazon to find the book. What a delight!  I love her boeuf bourguigon and your recipes.Thank you soo much for your generosity sharing your knowledge and cooking tips.  thank you!  

Susan K

Tristi L.

It’s taken me an unconscionably long time to write and tell you have much I love the blog.  Your voice is perfect, and I almost always find something I need to make, or buy, or both.