November 23, 2022 - Written by: Nancy Pollard
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Gifts To Make A Difference

Razom FB photo for Power Up Ukraine fundraiser pageKitchen Detail’s holiday gift guides have sometimes opened with a book from an organization that showcased food as a way of helping people in need. But during the pandemic,  desserts would seduce me, and when I made the almost other-worldly Lemon Pudding Cake from Michelle Polzine, I knew it had to be shared with KD readers. This year, however, after the invasion of Ukraine and a most successful fund raiser for Razom, a reader connected me to a woodworker in Kyiv who made beautiful kitchen utensils. Our post on Vitaly Koryakin was a hit, and he sold  almost every piece he had on his Etsy site.  I wrote  him that I wanted to include his line of wood kitchen tools in our Kitchen Detail Gift Guide, and he was quite touched to be asked. Sadly, heVitaly Koryakin image72 sent by Vitaly Koryakin to KD just wrote me the following;

Thank you very much. But unfortunately I have to ask you not to place my store in the guide.We have different circumstances in Ukraine now. Electricity is cut off every day for 8-10 hours. I just don’t have the opportunity to work. Thanks to the Americans for supporting Ukraine! We feel it very much.

Ukrainians and Razom power bank from their FB pageWe are saving a spot for him in next year’s guide. This year, we have donated to Razom’s project to provide Honda EU221 generators and EcoFlow DELTA Max portable power stations for Ukraine’s first responders and defenders. Donations are accepted at this page on the Razom site. 

The other under-the-radar organization that we  donated to is the Protez Foundation, formed this year in Minneapolis,  Minnesota. Its goal currently is to provide Ukrainian children, soldiers and civilians who have lost their limbs during the war free quality prosthetics in the US. Since theirPhoto used with permission from Protez Foundataion non profit 2022 formation in May, this group has fitted and rehabilitated 24 Ukrainians, including two children. Their goal is to outfit 100 victims by the end of this year. Just to convey the enormity of their undertaking, they already have 580 applications, while the population needing prosthetics is over 12,000. Use of this image is permitted by Protez Foundation (c) 2022Protez covers all  costs of the medical process, rehabilitation, psychological support, lodging and visa fees. Members of their community donated and refurbished a house for the patients.  Do look at their Facebook page – the photos, videos and stories are so inspiring. You can contact the team any time at Donations can be made at



Under The Radar Gifts

Marmotecnica in Italy

Photo from Marmotecnica websiteOne of the unique finds at La Cuisine and later for Kitchen Detail readers are the mortars and pestles from Nuova Marmotecnica in Carrara, Italy. If you have one of the mortars, from the Baudoni family, you don’t need a passel of others. I have two, including the large one with hand-carved lion heads, which has become quite famous on Instagram. This particular one they will reproduce by special request; just write them for a quote.  I use mine for pesto, mayonnaise, tuna sauce, guacamole, salsa etc.   I use a smaller one for grinding herbs, spices, aromatic pastes and rubs. A Marmotecnica mortar is a piece of art that is as useful today as it was centuries ago. Their mortars are used in restaurants and homes throughout the world.

This year you can choose from not only mortars, but also rolling pins,Marmotecnica assortment from company website pestles, boards and boxes from their  online shop and receive a discount. The Baudoni family offers KD readers who use the code scf10 a 10% discount.

It does not apply for international shipping or for custom work.  You will quickly  receive your selection  (and beautifully packed, readers have told us). I can’t think of a better surprise for a special cook on your list. The discount can be applied from November 24,2022 through January 15, 2023. 

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Save 10% at Marmotecnica
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Nov 24, 2022 - Jan 15, 2023


Sertodo Copper in Mexico and Texas

Sertodo Copper is one of the few artisanal copper manufacturers in the US. I have one of their sauté pans with its unique handle designed to hold Sertado Copper mixing bowl from their websiteyour stirring utensil. And the copper bowl made for a Kitchen Aid mixer is still on my Santa list.  Copper is the magic medium for working with egg whites, and you can read why in this previous KD post. Sertodo produces  sertado copper saute working.on stove in KD kitchenso much more, as you can see from their website.

 If I were to chose a major gift for someone in copper, my choice would be the 3-quart saute with lid (I use that lid on several frypans, including cast iron ones). It is the size I use the most. And I love the utensil grip that is a signature design on their pans and lids.

You have two options for discount codes with Sertado this year. The code KD152022 is a special 15% discount for KD readers, available from November 23 through December 31, 2022. Click on this link to be taken to the site and your discount will be automatically applied. For Sertodo’s Black Friday Sale from November 25 through November 27, use this code BLACK20KD for a 20% discount; click this link to be taken directly to Sertodo’s site, and your discount will again be automatically applied. 

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Nov 23, 2022 - Dec 31, 2022


Monkey Business Design in Israel

Monkeybusinessdesign corkers from company websiteI love the fun part of function and Monkey Business nails it.  This team combines imagination, humor and utility in a happy direction. Use their Corkers  as a topper for a gift bottle of wine, or pull one out at a restaurant when you have restless  below-drinking-age diners They will have fun with their cork creations while you enoy a bottle of wine. My current fun gift isSinfin image from Monkeybusinessdesign website72 their Sharkfin sink  strainer. Their pasta spoon  looks like spaghetti but really works to fork up long strands of pasta, better than other wood or metal models I have tried.  The other pasta-themed silicone Monkey Busomess Desogms mezzelune potholders and KD's hot chicken dinnerdesigns I use constantly at my stove are their mezzelune potholders, ravioli spoon rest and rotelle trivet. But scroll through their website, as they make such clever gizmos that you ‘ll see what I mean about returning the fun to function. 


Monkey Business offers KD readers a  12% discount on any purchase (discounts cannot be combined with previously discounted sale items) from their US site linked above: Use the code LACUISINEUS12%  at checkout from now through December 31, 2022.

monkey business
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Nov 22, 2022 - Dec 31, 2022


Tulusa Goods in Virginia

It took our videographer Nils Bertrand to discover this unique producer of fine table linens and decorSue Henry of Tulusa Goods FB pge in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria, VA. Sue Henry, the designer and founder of this unusual linen company, hand blocks her original designs on excellent quality fabrics and then creates napkins, hand towels, table runners, and other accessories Her studio will create block prints for walls and other individual collaborations.  Since snakes are a seductive design icon for me, I Tulusa Snake motif hand towel from KD photosbought the napkins  and hand towels and am angling for placemats or a tablecloth after the first of the year. All aspects of Tulusa Goods. linens are made here. Simple yet elegant, sophisticated but with a unique American perspective, they withstand my carelessness and repeated washings. You will find something to love in her changing selections.

Sue offers KD readers a generous 15% discount in her online store from November 26 through December 15, 2022. Add the code KDTULUSA15. in promo code field at checkout. 

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Nov 26, 2022 - Dec 15, 2022


Bone Drs BBQ Sauces also in Virginia

No, I have not tasted all 7000 barbecue sauces that are available in the US –  it just felt like it when IBone Drs BBQ from company website wrote a post about Bone Doctors Barbeque Sauces   After several years of  sampling detestable alternatives,  overloaded with tomato concentrate, truly low-end spices, corn syrup, plus a surprising amount of chemical additives (some parading as liquid smoke), these hit the jackpot. Four barbeque sauces and a dry rub concocted by two retired orthopedic surgeons from the University of Virginia (my barbeque-hungry spouse’s alma mater) remain outstanding examples of that very particular American southern specialty -BBQ.

Bone Doctors Gift pack from company websiteThe Original is David and Bruce’s knock-it-out-of-the- soccer- field winner. And the Brazen Heat is a much hotter (but comfortably so) version of it.  I use both instead of ketchup for dips and cocktail sauces. Their version of Carolina-style barbecue sauce is vinegar-based and without tomatoes.   Good with seafood and  non-mayonnaise-based slaw. Sweet and Spicy is a great addition to traditional Boston Baked Bean recipes, as well as chicken, pork and seafood. 

Take advantage of their special holiday sale on their three Bone Doctors Gift Packs at their website as they offer a 20% discount on them from November 24 through December 31, 2022.
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Nov 24, 2022 - Dec 31, 2022

Open Hand Pasta & Provisions in Maryland

Open Hand Impasta delivery fro KD photo fileOne of the few rays of sunshine for KD readers that emerged from the Pandemic’s isolation were the weekly deliveries of delicious meals and groceries delivered by Open Hand Pasta & Provisions   They even handled the fundraiser meal we organized for Razom. John Wood and his team source the best providers for his selections, which change weekly. The eggs are without peer and ditto his choice of olive oils. Whether it is lemons from Sorrento, Italy, or flours for his superlative pastas and breads from local organic grain farmers, you will be guaranteed outstanding meals. And for the dessertitarian, his  final courses always deliver  happy endings.

They suspended meal deliveries for a bit, but now they are doing itcreste di gallo from Open Hand again.  Open Hand’s new online shop with a weekly menu is back ups!. If you are in the DMV make your list from their site, and they will deliver your choices on Wednesdays. You can even purchase gift cards for hungry cooks on your list. They can then use it for their selections from Open Hand.  

Open Hand offers KD readers a 15% discount on your purchases from November 23, 2022 through January 10, 2023. At checkout use  the code KD2022  to order from their menus and their unique grocery selections.  Non menu items can be ordered for Wednesday DMV delivery. Delivery charges will added for orders under $50.00.
open hand
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Nov 23, 2022 - Jan 10, 2023

Wire Monkey In Connecticut

Wiremonekey lame Journey from siteEver since I saw Apollonia Poilâne whip this out when scoring her loaves on Master Class I drove myself crazy trying to find it in the Blue Ether of the Internet. This savvy design is soooo much better than the French lames we used to carry in the shop.  She used this razor or lame to slash her risen loaves.   This awesome little tool, aptly named UFO, comes from Wiremonkey  Just go toWiremonkey breads from company IG their Instagram account to see what home and professional bakers alike have created with it. I have the Corbeau version and I bought a pack of blades too. Anyone who has fallen in love with baking breads will adore one of the design variants of Wiremonkey lames. Click into the link or icon on our home page to get your 10% discount on any of their designs.
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Nov 23, 2022 - Dec 31, 2022


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1 year ago

I bought a small mortar and pestle when I was in Carrara this summer on a cruise. Had to get the small one. Anything bigger would have been my weight limit for my suitcase. I know most people go elsewhere for that port but we did the marble tour and it was awesome.

Linda Calvin
1 year ago

Nancy, Greeting from the great Pacific Northwest. Would you please send me the links for the places that sell the dried/candied fruit you recommend for fruitcake? Also the link for the French company that sells essences (flavorings, extracts?). Thanks so much. I miss your store. This time of year I’m thinking of cookies—thank you so much for introducing me to Hammersong cookie cutters. I probably have more than anyone needs but I love them so much. Happy Thanksgiving. Linda Cakvin

1 year ago
Reply to  Linda Calvin

Greetings, Linda. If helpful, the essences are available at Simply Gourmand:

I recently bought Florian candied cherries from which are quite good, although I do not remember if this is where Nancy/La Cuisine sourced their candied fruits from.