June 17, 2020 - Written by: Nancy Pollard
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A Most Unusual Teacher for Cookie Decorating

Kat clock self portraitIf you were not one of the lucky ones who took her cookie decorating classes at La Cuisine, you need to get to know Kat Kat Tines Jurassic Park cookiesTines (pictured at left). She is a graphic artist and also an art teacher (which helps to explain why her classes always sold out and we always had waiting lists). The cookies tasted great, her approach to cookie design and even more her ability to teach it effectively is probably why she’s one of the best cookie design gurus in the country. She ships her decorated cookies throughout the US.

If  you follow Kat’s instructions and practice, your own creativity will come into play. And leafing through her gallery will inspire you. In addition to designing cookies for celebrations ranging from birthdays to baby showers, weddings to sports events, she can do sentimental and she can do creepy.   She has devoted considerable thought and time to creating cookies in order to donate funds to organizations that are helping all of us. Kat Tines Black Lives Matter CookiesIf you ordered her corona virus cookies, for example, Kat sent one to a health care worker on the Covid-19 front lines. And for the Covid 19 Cookies by Kat Tinespurchase of cookie hands in all skin tones, proceeds go to the NAACP. She also has a very helpful guide on creating skin tones with icing colors in her Instagram stories.

Kat has designed an exclusive cookie decorating course for KD readers for the summer. The cost of the box and incredibly detailed video is $65.00 The cookies and filled icing bags which are specially designed not to need tips or couplers are carefully wrapped  – handling and shipping are included in the price.  And she also includes a cool scribe tool which you’ll see her use frequently in the video. We would love to  see your results after you have gotten your package and the key to her video.

The first five people who post their finished decorated cookie homework images to the KD Facebook page, will get a treat from Kat in the mail. We’ll contact you to get your delivery address. 




When Life Gives You Lemons

Since we have all been handed quite a big basket of lemons this year, what better way to play this summer than  learning to decorate cookies that celebrate the “make lemonade” theme! This kit features five  undecorated  cookies (plus two spares in case you make a boo-boo or have a little helper). Included  are all the pre-filled icing bags to successfully work with the accompanying tutorial.  Kat’s recipe for cookies is so good that you’ll almost certainly go on to make more batches once you have followed her five-part video. Upon purchase, you’ll get instant access to the video, and then Kat Tines Lemonade Cookie box for Kitchen Detail exclusive your box will arrive directly from Kat. What you receive goes well beyond mere lemonade! 

First, Kat shows you how to make an icing correctly so that you can decorate precisely. There are lots of icing formulas on the internet, but she really shows you how to make this icing work. You will learn how to create simple textures with your icing to add variety to your designs. The next video portion shows you how to fill an icing bag correctly, and she discusses the different types of bags and how they all can be useful in executing your designs. Kat’s method of filling and sealing the bag has evolved, and she has some excellent pointers on this overlooked technique. The next video segment focuses on how to use the bags.  If you have been fiddling with how to use an icing bag, and your decorating results have been wobbly, take the time to break old habits and learn from this section. It will make such a difference. Then the main part of the video teaches you how to decorate these cookies along with Kat.  The final part shows you how to dry your decorated cookies and the best practices for storing them.  Once you have downloaded her video, you can go back and review any techniques that need a fresh look.  

Really Superior Sources 

Kat Tines Peter Pan collectionIn our shared opinion, both Kat and I feel that some of the largest companies in the cake and cookie decorating field have some of the worst products and often have customer service to match. There are smaller companies that will make your cookie decorating much more successful, and you will feel better about handing them your cash.  

According to Kat, Etsy provides the most amazing selection of cutters, including some created on 3-D printers. 

Americolor Corp provides excellent gel paste colors. I have even used them to dye Easter eggs. If you need to use colors that are made with only plant components, the ones from India Tree are the ones we recommend. 

Kat considers the metallic dusts from Truly Mad Plastics to be the best and their  icing bags changed how she approached cookie decorating. 

Ateco produces excellent  decorating tips,  well designed cutter sets and other supplies, most of which can be found on Amazon.

Kat uses the meringue powder from CK Products.. 

And last but not least,  the canvas for your designs — Kat’s recipe for her signature cookies.

Best Sugar Cookies For Decorating
No need to search further for a good canvas cookie which will hold up and taste delicious with your designs.
  1. 8oz (227gr)of softened butter (I use salted, because yum)
  2. 2/3 cup (134gr) granulated sugar
  3. 1 whole egg
  4. 1 teaspoon (5ml) vanilla
  5. 2 2/3 cups (341gr) all purpose white flour
  1. Preheat your oven to 350F (175C)
  2. Mix butter, sugar, and vanilla until smooth
  3. Add the egg and mix until smooth
  4. Slowly add the flour
  5. The dough is the right consistency when it is in one ball, no longer sticks to the sides of the bowl, and can be easily molded.
  6. Roll out, cut, and bake at 350 until the edges of the cookies begin to golden
From Kat
  1. I roll my dough between two pieces of wax paper so that it doesn't stick to the rolling pin
  2. Put it on a baking dish and pop it in the freezer for 5-10 minutes so that cutting the cookies out is easier
  3. Eat cookie dough.
Kitchen Detail https://lacuisineus.com/




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Carol Fisch
3 years ago

Love all this information. Thank you.
What brand salted butter do you use for this cookie recipe?. Each brand seems to have different levels of salt.

Marguerite Rich
3 years ago

Looking forward to learning!

Mary Ann Pierson
3 years ago

I assume the instructional video is available to review at any time after initial viewing.
To be clear I may be able to review this course months or years from now.

Marguerite Rich
3 years ago

Hi there! I loved the video! Do you know when the cookies are supposed to arrive? I have not received mine. Thank you for your time,

Meg Rich

Marguerite Rich
3 years ago

Yay! They arrived today. So grateful for this opportunity!

Hi Meg,
Send us photos! We will post them.