Praise for Kitchen Detail

Susan K.

I have been remiss in not telling you how much I enjoy your missives, tips, recipes.You introduced me to Clementine and I  went on Amazon to find the book. What a delight!  I love her boeuf bourguigon and your recipes.Thank you soo much for your generosity sharing your knowledge and cooking tips.  thank you!   Susan K

Tristi L.

It’s taken me an unconscionably long time to write and tell you have much I love the blog.  Your voice is perfect, and I almost always find something I need to make, or buy, or both.

Joan K

 So enjoy your blog. Thank you for taking us with you on your European adventures !

Jane H.

I have been wowed by your posts and learned so much from them. Thank you so much!  

Wendy B.

I just wanted to tell you that I love your blog/newsletter.  It is so informative and fun without being overwhelming.  It is a much more fun and less clinical version of Americas Test Kitchen.   I will be making the Steak Au Poivre and the Diablo cake very soon.  Your audience gets to reap the rewards of all your research and I for one am grateful.  I look forward to the future installments of Kitchen Detail.

Cat R.

A fine edition of your blog. Great summary of Portsmouth. I shall put it on my list.

Bonita B.

Thank you for this marvelous post!! It has brightened my morning

Vanessal M

loved reading your Forlorn Hope post btw. Your writing is brilliant and I totally get lost in your story telling. That’s a big deal for me because even as a girl, I always wanted to be an avid reader but could never concentrate enough to get the job done. I’ve read far less for pleasure in my life than I want to...maybe in retirement! Anyway thank you for the introduction to your blog, clearly I’ve been missing out. 

Janet H

I would trust this woman with my life, food wise. She ran my favorite kitchen store for 40 years, is a terrific cook and is completely commonsensical when it comes to travel and food.