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Category:  ENTREES

The best recipe for Italian pasta that I have ever found appeared in the first book I bought by Marcella Hazan.

Category:  ENTREES

Jacqueline Panel of our famed Chocolates is a fantastic cook. And this is a recipe she shared with me on one of their visits.   This is a divine recipe for a holiday dinner.  Make sure you get the smaller magret de canard and not the Moulard duck breasts.  This is one of those dishes that just comes out perfectly in a copper saute pan.  I think the sear gets too dark in cast iron or carbon steel.  I highly recommend the Martin Pouret Raspberry Vinegar for the sauce and use a a dark honey if possible. 


Category:  ENTREES

Tartiflette is a Savoyard specialty that Jean Claude Panel’s daughter prepares when she comes to stay with us.


This stuff is so good you’ll want to eat it with a spoon! As with any of our chocolate recipes, feel free to experiment with different chocolate varieties to suit your own taste.

Category:  CAKES and PIES

Quaglino’s is a see-and-be-seen reincarnation of a restaurant popular in London during the 1940s and 50s. But there is nothing stodgy about its cuisine. In fact, Quaglino’s kitchen is one of several that have exploded the traditional view that British restaurant cookery is bland and heavy. To wit, this superb semifreddo or parfait that does not require churning in an ice cream maker.


Betsy Cukla’s adaptation of a recipe by cookie author Marilyn Moore.

Category:  CAKES and PIES

This is the classic Chocolate Nemesis from River Cafe in London.  It is criminally simple to make and easily serves 10 to 12  chocolate addicts and up to 20 more restrained chocolate lovers. This is truly the mother of all chocolate desserts!

Category:  DESSERTS

 In response to your many requests for a real fig pudding, we include this delectable recipe from THE FANNY FARMER COOKBOOK, by Marian Cunningham.


Yummy pumpkin cookies from Stephanie Gorenflo!

Category:  SALADS

Whether served before, with, or after the main course, a salad of mixed greens (and other optional treats) is not merely healthful but also gives added dimension to the simplest meal. Grilled foods and quick sautés are enhanced by the tender pickings of your local market, and salad with cheese and that final glass of red wine is, of course, an agreeable ending to any meal.

Vinaigrettes are easy to make and—contrary to magazine ads—do not require special bottles and envelopes of highly suspect seasoning powders. We urge you to experiment with good quality oils and vinegars as they make a tremendous taste difference. Your palate will be grateful!

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