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Category:  SOUPS

from Dara Bunjon of Vann’s Spices

Category:  SOUPS

A fabulous fish stew! Easy and delicious

Category:  CAKES and PIES

This recipe was from Dorothy Remington Pollard, Nancy's mother-in-law.  She made it every year from grocery store ingredients (back when grocery stores had better stuff!).  She always lined her pans with cut paper bags.  Your can use parchment or you can use the Italian paper pans or the silicone paper lined birch wood pans from France.  If you use these two, there is no need to butter and flour them.  You will simply peel the paper away. If you use the Italian or French forms, you should lower your temperature by about 10-15 degrees and bake a shorter time. 

Secondly, if you don't like glaceed fruit and prefer dried fruit, simply make the substitutions with like cup amounts. The same is true if you want more nuts and less fruit. 

Category:  CAKES and PIES

This divine creation was given to us by Valerie Hill,the fabulous pastry chef at the Majestic Cafe here in Alexandria. She adapted this recipe from Cakewalk by Robin Gorley.

Category:  ENTREES

This can be served with the Camargue rice or with thinly sliced sweet potatoes sautéed in the fig flavored duck fat. This dish cooks beautifully in one of Mauviel’s small sautoirs with either tin or stainless linings. Call for sizes and prices.

Category:  CAKES and PIES

From Janet Terry (Made by the nonne on the Isle of Capri).


A yummy coconut sorbet perfect for warm weather!

Category:  COCKTAILS

 Also from Stephanie, a fabulous cooler for summer evenings around the grill.

Category:  DESSERTS

From French Tarts

Category:  DESSERTS

from Simply Tuscan

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