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Category:  BREAKFAST

Such a delicious meal for breakfast!

Category:  BREAKFAST

This is a great, easy, breakfast dish with the added bonus of offering a delicious way to use leftover creamed spinach. If, however, you don’t have any leftovers, the recipe gives you an easy way to create it.

Category:  CAKES and PIES

These are the cupcakes that were much enjoyed by all at our Cuisinette Slumber party. Whether you use pink frosting or not, these are always well-received!


From Big Sky Cooking

Category:  ENTREES

This ravioli is simple to prepare and tastes wonderful.  Even Lizbeth, who will not eat anything that’s green loved this ravioli.  It can be served with a simple tomato sauce or the Ragu Bolognese.

Adapted from Pasta Fresca by Viana La Place and Evan Kleiman

Category:  SIDES

This is a great side dish!


We have had many requests for this delectable French treat, and now that we have located a superb pectin, we are confident that you’ll enjoy making your own.

*Note, it is important that you use a scale for measuring in this recipe. If you don’t have one, we suggest the Aquatronic.

 Christine Ferber’s recipes will change the way you make jam forever. Her method of layering and concentrating flavors will produce a product far superior to any jams you’ve made before. This recipe is great to make in the Winter for holiday gifts.

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