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 (Mr. Baudoni’s recipe)


Suppli make a great first course or if made smaller can be popped in the mouth with drinks.  You can use leftover risotto to make this dish as well.  After being formed, they can be frozen and then fried right before serving. 

We use the Beretta Carnaroli rice which is used in many restaurants for risotti.  It is creamy, but holds up much better than Arborio.  If you use our Panko, grind it fine in a blender.  Panko is a crisp crumb which does not get soggy.  Use a light chicken stock for the risotto base.  More Than Gourmet’s Glace de Poulet Gold is a great choice if you don’t make your own.  The  Microplane cheese rasp will give you the lightest grated Parmesan. 

Category:  BREADS and BISCUITS

Simple pizza dough recipe!


If you want to make durable dough ornaments, use our salt dough recipe or this marvelous one. Note: After decorating, spray your ornaments with clear lacquer to make them last longer.

The following technique is from Marcel Desaulnier’s "Desserts to Die For". We have found the process easy, we like the texture it produces, and no matter what ice cream recipe we have used, we have never had a failure. This is a basic (and very delicious) vanilla ice cream recipe, but the technique works for any recipe.


This recipe evolved from a ginger cookie in Star Desserts.  I have found that using a  Silpatsthat fit half sheet pans or one that fits onto an aluminum  or carbon steel baking sheet produces excellent results.  You get a nice sugary crust with a soft  gingery interior with the crunch and zip of candied ginger throughout.. Stem ginger in syrup was too gooshy.  Depending on how dainty you are, you should have 30-40 cookies.  I have served these with a demi sec Champagne, tea and coffee.  They are also a nice foil with an after dinner liqueur. 

Category:  BREAKFAST

We cooked this dish at a delightful Cuisinette brunch, and it was a real crowd pleaser!  It is unfortunate that this wonderful book is now out of print, but we can still share the recipe with all of you.

Use the ice cream technique that Stephanie suggests in Cuisinette Recipes.  Use real  cream, not ultra pasteurized, and don’t substitute skim or low fat milk either.  If you are concerned about calories when you eat ice cream, just have a smaller portion.  A bit of Stephanie’s Hot Fudge sauce is quite nice with this  This particular marzipan is packed with so much flavor and texture that it is the only one we recommend for the ice cream.

Category:  CAKES and PIES

The filling and pecan topping are both adapted directly from The Pastry Queen  and both can be used in other desserts.  For example, the apples in their caramel cream can be used  as a crepe filling, and pecan topping is great on top of muffins,  coffee cakes or bar cookies  before baking. You should use a deep pie plate for this particular pie.  Nancy uses very hard Golden Delicious apples, which we realize is heresy, but tart apples are recommended in the book.  For best caramelizing of apples use seasoned cast iron, carbon steel or copper frypan.

Category:  BREADS and BISCUITS

Adapted from Dairy Hollow House Soup and Bread by Crescent Dragonwagon

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