Thermoworks Thermapen MK4

Thermoworks' Digital Thermometer is a MUST HAVE for any serious chef, griller, or baker.

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An Essential Go-To Cooking Tool

With full readings in only 2 to 3 seconds, the Super-Fast® Thermapen is the world’s best in speed and accuracy.

  • High accuracy to ±0.7°F (±0.4°C)
  • 3,000 hour battery life (AAA Battery)
  • Patented auto-rotating display
  • Waterproof to IP67
  • Two-year Warranty and Guarantee

The Thermapen Cooking Thermometer is perfect for



Frying with Oil

Candy Making

Getting an accurate food temperature in 2-3 seconds

Achieve the perfect meat temperature for a medium rare steak on your grill.

“It’s difficult for me to put into words what the Thermapen MK4 means to me and my overall quality of life, that of my family, and that of those that swagger up to the bountiful trough of smoked meats I provide.”

Cody T

The Gold Standard

“There are a lot of imitators (I went through 4 or 5 of them before taking the plunge and buying the real deal) but only one thermapen.”

Larry D

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Have questions?

How long should the battery last?

The new Thermapen Mk4 with one AAA battery should give you about 3,000 hours of use. This number is based without using the back light. If you grill a lot at night the number will be reduced.

Other digital cooking thermometers are cheaper. Why pay more for a Thermapen?

In use there's a big difference. Cheaper thermometers are limited by the technology that they use. The Thermapen is hand-assembled and hand-tested and uses a professional thermocouple circuit design.

Why is the Thermapen so much faster than other cooking thermometers?

The main reason is the professional thermocouple technology that we use instead of mass-produced thermistor technology. Thermocouples are recommended by the USDA for measurement of cooked meat products and thin portions.

What are the warranty terms?

The Thermapen Mk4 carry a two-year warranty and guarantee against defects in either components or workmanship. During this period, products that prove to be defective will, at the discretion of ThermoWorks, be either repaired or replaced, without charge.

Where can I buy replacement batteries?

The Thermapen Mk4 uses one AAA battery, which are commonly found at Wal-Mart, Target, and other stores.

Can the MK4 be used for bread baking as well as meat?

When you want to capture a quick sketch, we recommend using an app called Microsoft Office Lens that has a whiteboard setting to capture photos.

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