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Dull Knives are a NoNo


Nothing is more frustrating in preparing a meal (other than working with peeling Teflon pans) than having to work with dull knives.  We sharpen knives at La Cuisine and you can bring them in or mail them to us.  Regardless of blade length, we charge $4.00 for stainless steel knives and $3.00 for carbon steel ones.  How do you know if yours are carbon steel or stainless.  If it is discolored and rusts easily, it is carbon steel.  Their advantage is that they can be sharpened easily by the user and with practice, you can maintain a much sharper edge than you can on most stainless knives.  Cleavers are $7.00 for stainless and $6.00 for carbon steel.  We can repair broken tips and nicks in the blades as well.  That is more expensive and we have to look at them to give you a quote.  Your knives must spend the night by themselves.  As we get closer to carving holidays, it might take a few nights by themselves.  BUT you get a free Bacon Bandaid with your sharpened knives!

We use a professional belt sander made especially for knives.  Knife blades are run through on a variety of hand set angles on the horizontal and not the vertical slant.   (Much damage is done with these electric knife sharpeners that force the blade through a vertical shaft)  We then use a finishing steel, sometimes Chromium plated, sometimes a Diamond one to give a sleek finish to the new bevel on your knife. 

Please, please, use one our recommended steels (or get out the one you have at home) and steel your knives regularly.  It keeps the blade healthy and sharp.  Slicing and dicing will be much easier; you will use less pressure on your cutting surface.  Joe Raffa the executive chef who does our knife skills classes, says if you slice onions with a truly sharp knife, you won’t be in tears.


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