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Traditional tin lined copper from Mauviel  in both the brass handled Presentation weight and iron or  bronze handled Hotel weight gives you the most rapid and uniform heat conduction of any cookware on the market.  One of the advantages of copper is that it responds to lower heat beautifully.  You do not have to put your burner on high to get a wonderful saute temperature.   Mauviel’s copper with an 18/10 stainless steel bond will not require the same care as tin lined pieces. 

The melting temperature of tin is 440oF.  If you have melted the tin, life has not ended.  Simply let the tin resolidify. It may appear shinier than the surrounding tin that has not melted and it may bead a bit.  But all is well. 

Copper itself does discolor while cooking, particularly on a gas range.  We use Barkeeper’s Friend   when we wash copper pans after cooking. This is a very simple and painless way to keep your pans coppery and not dull brown.  This will keep it clean.  For shinier polish use either Copperbrill or Red Bear.  Both of these are easy to use with warm water. 

You will occasionally have to send your pots to be retinned.  Check our Links page for Metro Plating in Kensington, MD.   They are our highly recommended plating service.  We only have pans retinned when a LOT of copper is showing through.  We all indiscriminately use stainless steel whisks and turners on our tin lined pots. 

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