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All About Aluminum Bakeware


Professional bakers recognize that aluminum in a good gauge is an ideal metal for outstanding baking results.  By reflecting heat, an aluminum cake or pie pan will reach the proper baking temperature evenly and faster than other metals.  It also will cool down quickly. 

If you have ever removed a cake from a PTFE coated pan or a stainless steel pan, you will notice problems with the crust. In stainless steel pans, the baking and crust will be very uneven as stainless steel has terrible heat conductivity.  Any non stick pan's surface wears off quickly and does not provide a good surface to produce a soft golden crust. 

Aluminum itself is soft and porous. It scratches and dings easily.  By anodizing its surface the aluminum becomes sealed,  and thus provides a smoother and thicker surface.  Anodizing is NOT a coating but rather,  an electrochemical process that converts the metal surface into a  durable, corrosion-resistant, finish. The bakeware will not chip, or rust.  It should not be put in the dishwasher as it will alter the color of the pan. 


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