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Cuisinette Recipes


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Category:  ENTREES

(from The French Farmhouse Cookbook)

Category:  SOUPS

A good stock is the foundation of many savory dishes because it enhances the flavor of any recipe that calls for water. Although some soup recipes may suggest the use of tinned broth, there is absolutely no substitute for the real thing. With a little bit of prior planning, a good stock is well within the reach of any cook.

Category:  ENTREES

This is a great appetizer recipe.


The name Speculatius comes from the Latin speculator, which means overseer. This cookie has its roots in the Middle Ages when it was a kind of edible picture book for illiterate peasants. This recipe is from CHRISTMAS BAKING, by Christian Teubner. Makes 30 large cookies.

Category:  SOUPS

A fabulous shallot soup! (With nut of your choice)


We adapted these from Donna Hay’s Flavors. It is featured in the Armchair Cook section.

Category:  COCKTAILS

A fab recipe to spice up a wine

Category:  CAKES and PIES

A fabulous cherry cake perfect for the holidays!

Category:  ENTREES

A delicious bolognese perfect as the main course.

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