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          Category:  SIDES

          A perfect side dish!

          Category:  SIDES

          This recipe is based on a recipe from Camille Glenn’s original The Heritage of Southern Cooking which is currently out of print. 

          The corn zipper is a must for this recipe because it increase the amount of corn kernels you get per cob.  More importantly, it cuts the whole kernel so that very little liquid is lost.  You will get a much more succulent corn taste. 

          Traditionally this dish was served in low casserole, but it can me made in any silicone mold in individual portions. Remember not to grease silicone molds.  It has the opposite effect.   It is especially refreshing when served cold as summer first course.

          Category:  SIDES

          Our friend Laura Fix wowed us all with these beans for the  Ranch Day picnic that she and Bud Clinch hosted at his lovely place. Our French friends were beyond thrilled with the experience as well as the food.

          For this recipe we’ve chosen to use an assortment of our outstanding Heirloom Idaho beans by Zirsun. You will probably want to cook the beans the day before you plan to mix this up.

          Category:  ENTREES SIDES

          This recipe is from Diana Henry's Roast Figs Sugar Snow, Food to Warm the Soul.

          Category:  SIDES

          This is a great side dish!

          Category:  SIDES

          This twist on a classic dish came about one day when I was playing around with our fabulous Organic Sweet Pepper Cream. It has since become one my most requested side dishes.

          Category:  SIDES

          The best BBQ baked beans!

          Category:  SIDES

          This side dish should be made with a white bean such as Zursun's Baby Limas or White Emergo Beans.  This can be served hot or at room temperature.

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