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          Category:  SALADS

          Whether served before, with, or after the main course, a salad of mixed greens (and other optional treats) is not merely healthful but also gives added dimension to the simplest meal. Grilled foods and quick sautés are enhanced by the tender pickings of your local market, and salad with cheese and that final glass of red wine is, of course, an agreeable ending to any meal.

          Vinaigrettes are easy to make and—contrary to magazine ads—do not require special bottles and envelopes of highly suspect seasoning powders. We urge you to experiment with good quality oils and vinegars as they make a tremendous taste difference. Your palate will be grateful!

          Category:  SALADS

          A truly fabulous salad recipe!

          Category:  SALADS

          Delicious salad - can also work as an entree!

          Category:  SALADS

          An amazing chicken salad - perfect for a more filling salad.

          Category:  SALADS

          This is a great appetizer recipe.


          *This dish can be made one day in advance. Refrigerate and bring to room temperature before serving.

          Category:  SALADS

          A fab citrus-y salad!

          Category:  SALADS

          Delicious salad for those meat lovers!

          Category:  SALADS

          We found this easy and delicious recipe on the Zursun Heirloom Bean website, and since  we carry superior versions of most of it’s ingredients, found it to be a great pairing for us. It makes a wonderful  main dish on a hot Summer night, or a lovely picnic side. 

          Category:  SALADS

          Terrific as a side dish to grilled steak. This lentil salad is typical of the region around Lyon. Our Zurzun French green lentils are perfect for this since they come from the same seed stock as the Le Puy lentils in France.

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