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          Category:  ENTREES

          This recipe is based on Diana Henry’s recipe in Pure Simple Cooking

          Category:  ENTREES

          Delicious bean and rice recipe!

          Category:  ENTREES

          Nancy found this recipe in a 1960 cookbook called "The Flavors of France". It is the book she would take with her to the proverbial desert island!

          Category:  ENTREES

          Basic recipe for a perfect crepe!

          Category:  ENTREES

          This delicious recipe is a specialty of Larissa’s husband. To make it, you’ll need to use skirt steak. (No substitutions allowed!) If you go to a Latino market, they will have it already thinly sliced - very handy.

          Category:  ENTREES

          Tartiflette is a Savoyard specialty that Jean Claude Panel’s daughter prepares when she comes to stay with us.

          Category:  ENTREES

          A fab entree for cheese lovers!


          *NOTE: You can add many wonderful things to this dish along with the cheese layer; cooked vegetables, cooked sausage or bacon, etc. It goes easily from a breakfast or brunch dish to a dinner dish, depending on how you dress it up!

          Category:  ENTREES

          Delicious chicken entree recipe!

          Category:  ENTREES

          Nancy was taught this dish by a friend when she was studying in Germany. Not only did she learn how to make this delicious entree,  the experience also ignited her long-term love affair with copper cookware.

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