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          Category:  DESSERTS

          A delicious holiday treat! This is adapted from a basic mousse preparation found in the now out of print  Lenotre series. 

          Category:  DESSERTS

           This recipe comes from Cuisinette Val Lishak, pastry chef extraordinaire, and our head display designer. It takes rice pudding to a new level!

          Category:  DESSERTS

          Variations of this recipe abound in cookbooks.  This one is adapted from an article by British chef Jamie Oliver.  It can be done in ramekins, coffee cups, or you can get really fancy and use the little pots designed especially for this decadent delight.  No one has to share.

          Category:  DESSERTS

          This is a classic yet easy truffle recipe. You will be amazed at how quickly you can create these scrumptious treats. Just remember, the key is using only the finest ingredients. Be sure to make a double batch - you’ll want some for yourself, too!

          Category:  DESSERTS

          Delicious mascarpone for it's own dessert or as a topping

          Category:  DESSERTS

          Fabulous dessert crepes!

          Category:  DESSERTS

          A delicious & easy dessert!

          Category:  DESSERTS

           In response to your many requests for a real fig pudding, we include this delectable recipe from THE FANNY FARMER COOKBOOK, by Marian Cunningham.

          Category:  DESSERTS

          A delicious frozen treat!

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