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          Category:  COOKIES and BROWNIES

          From THE FRENCH COOKIE BOOK by Healy and Bugat, the best guide to making delightful French cookies.

          Category:  COOKIES and BROWNIES

          I did this over a number of beach vacations, and they have remained favorites with my daughters.  There are many great brownie recipes out there, but these are always a hit with or without nuts. (From Nancy.)

          Category:  COOKIES and BROWNIES

          Yummy cookies for dessert!

          Category:  COOKIES and BROWNIES

          If you want to make durable dough ornaments, use our salt dough recipe or this marvelous one. Note: After decorating, spray your ornaments with clear lacquer to make them last longer.

          Category:  COOKIES and BROWNIES

          We love this recipe because it allows for so many variations— ask for our Hammersong cutter instructions.

          Category:  COOKIES and BROWNIES

          This recipe evolved from a ginger cookie in Star Desserts.  I have found that using a  Silpatsthat fit half sheet pans or one that fits onto an aluminum  or carbon steel baking sheet produces excellent results.  You get a nice sugary crust with a soft  gingery interior with the crunch and zip of candied ginger throughout.. Stem ginger in syrup was too gooshy.  Depending on how dainty you are, you should have 30-40 cookies.  I have served these with a demi sec Champagne, tea and coffee.  They are also a nice foil with an after dinner liqueur. 

          Category:  COOKIES and BROWNIES

          We adapted these from Donna Hay’s Flavors. It is featured in the Armchair Cook section.

          Category:  COOKIES and BROWNIES

          Betsy Cukla’s adaptation of a recipe by cookie author Marilyn Moore.

          Category:  COOKIES and BROWNIES

          This adapted recipe from an Amanda Hesser article in the New York Times eons ago, continues to be the Cuisinette favorite.  We, however, are always looking for better alternatives, so bring on your contender recipes and ingredients. Ingredients are key here.


          Category:  COOKIES and BROWNIES

          From Lisa Yockelson’s marvelous book, Baking By Flavor, comes one of our favorite recipes, great for summer picnics as well as cookouts. We had excellent results when we adapted the recipe using the following ingredients: products from our store. Quantities are easily doubled.

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