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          Category:  CANDIES and TRUFFLES

          We have had many requests for this delectable French treat, and now that we have located a superb pectin, we are confident that you’ll enjoy making your own.

          *Note, it is important that you use a scale for measuring in this recipe. If you don’t have one, we suggest the Aquatronic.

          Category:  CANDIES and TRUFFLES

          This is a riff on a recipe from Pile Ou Face in Paris.  Xocopili is a spicy chocolate invention of Frederic Bau from Valrhona.  It is made from 72%Venezuelan chocolate mixed with pimente d’esplette, cardamom, cumin, curry, paprika and salt.  Oh yes some sugar too.  These  can be done several hours in advance and then baked at the last minute.

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