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          Category:  CAKES and PIES

          Quaglino’s is a see-and-be-seen reincarnation of a restaurant popular in London during the 1940s and 50s. But there is nothing stodgy about its cuisine. In fact, Quaglino’s kitchen is one of several that have exploded the traditional view that British restaurant cookery is bland and heavy. To wit, this superb semifreddo or parfait that does not require churning in an ice cream maker.

          Category:  CAKES and PIES

          Stephanie found this recipe in the Columbus Ohio Dispatch over thirty years ago, and has been making it often since then. It’s such a great dessert when any type of berry is in season. It freezes beautifully, so it’s perfect to keep on hand for impromptu gatherings! Although not listed in the ingredients, a little whipped cream or ice cream never hurt anybody!

          Category:  CAKES and PIES

          I learned a lot from the the Lenotre dessert books (which are now out of print) and this is one of the recipes I have adapted from the pastry volume.  This is basically a genoise batter, which can be filled with whipped cream and rolled as well. If you are nervous about spreading the batter free hand in a rectangle, grease and dust with cocoa powder a 10x15 inch jelly roll pan and spread it out.  The chocolate mousse works both as a filling and frosting.  You will have one of the best Buche de Noël au Chocolat with these two recipes. I prefer weighing on an Aquatronic scale the ingredients, hence the metric equivalents.

          Category:  CAKES and PIES

          The filling and pecan topping are both adapted directly from The Pastry Queen  and both can be used in other desserts.  For example, the apples in their caramel cream can be used  as a crepe filling, and pecan topping is great on top of muffins,  coffee cakes or bar cookies  before baking. You should use a deep pie plate for this particular pie.  Nancy uses very hard Golden Delicious apples, which we realize is heresy, but tart apples are recommended in the book.  For best caramelizing of apples use seasoned cast iron, carbon steel or copper frypan.

          Category:  CAKES and PIES

          This is the classic Chocolate Nemesis from River Cafe in London.  It is criminally simple to make and easily serves 10 to 12  chocolate addicts and up to 20 more restrained chocolate lovers. This is truly the mother of all chocolate desserts!

          Category:  CAKES and PIES

          This divine creation was given to us by Valerie Hill,the fabulous pastry chef at the Majestic Cafe here in Alexandria. She adapted this recipe from Cakewalk by Robin Gorley.

          Category:  CAKES and PIES

          This recipe was from Dorothy Remington Pollard, Nancy's mother-in-law.  She made it every year from grocery store ingredients (back when grocery stores had better stuff!).  She always lined her pans with cut paper bags.  Your can use parchment or you can use the Italian paper pans or the silicone paper lined birch wood pans from France.  If you use these two, there is no need to butter and flour them.  You will simply peel the paper away. If you use the Italian or French forms, you should lower your temperature by about 10-15 degrees and bake a shorter time. 

          Secondly, if you don't like glaceed fruit and prefer dried fruit, simply make the substitutions with like cup amounts. The same is true if you want more nuts and less fruit. 

          Category:  CAKES and PIES

          A fabulous cherry cake perfect for the holidays!

          Category:  CAKES and PIES

          Another of Nancy’s favorite desserts that she found in a (now out of print) book by Simone Beck. She has added her own touches over the years, and plays with different chocolates now and then, but this is her favorite version.

          Category:  CAKES and PIES

          A fabulous lemon pudding cake that is perfect for any time of the year!

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