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bioleasmNeratzio and Lemonio are two unexpected treasures from one ofour Fancy Food Show treks.  We had done a focused tasting on citrus flavored olive oils. Meh. Some were way too acidic, some tasted like citrus candy flavored olive oil, and some had aroma but no discernible flavor.  They both are a revelation in flavor, subtlety, and aroma. You will want these for your summer dishes.  So simple, so delicious as a drizzle over vegetables, rice, pasta, fish and poultry. lemoniomill

Biolea is a family owned olive grove and mill in Crete.  Take a look at their website, with its beautiful photos, video, recipes and history.  They use their own Koroneiki olives which, in the case of the Lemonio, they are crushed with a particular local lemon, and the same is done with a local bitter orange for their Neratzio. And, the firm is committed to sustainable and organic production.  Their compost heap alone puts Monsanto to shame. 

Both the Neratzio and Lemonio come in 8.8 fl oz bottles and are regularly priced at $20.00.  Today in the shop you can taste and purchase them for $16.00.  Drizzle either on fall salads with crushed pink pepper corns or toasted nuts. Neratzio is delicious with salmon on top of rice or pasta.  Lemonio will brighten up the ubiquitous chicken breast combo. Here are some of their recipe ideas.

If you are not able to come for today's tasting and want either product at the 20% discount, simply call our toll free number- 1800 521 1176 - to place an order. We are unable to offer this discount up on our website. 

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