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fabbrigelatoOne of the treats that Tatiana introduced her parents to in Bologna were the Fabbri cherries candied in a sour cherry syrup.amarena On top of gelato, of course, but also split with their heavenly babas and whipped cream, or the flavoring for a Pro Secco Kir.  Read her charming post about her Fabbri cherries.  Fabbri ships pallets of these delicious cherries to top bakeries in Germany and Austria where they are sought after for Black Forest Cake.  This Bolognese company also makes a similar recipe with wild strawberries in a strawberry syrup and absolutely delicious babas in a rum syrupbaba

Taste these Fabbri products today in the shop and stash them in your pantry with our 20% discount today.  You never know when you have an emergency party and Fabbri can come to the rescue, or you can be like Tatiana's husband and sneak down late at night and make your own Fabbri treat.  

If you are not in our neighborhood for today's tasting and want to purchase these products from Fabbri  at today's discount, just call during store hours (10-6) at our toll free number (1 800 521 1176) and place an order.  This discount is only available as a phone order.  We cannot offer it on our website. 

The Amarena cherries come in an 8oz jar for $16.00 and a 21oz jar for $31.00. Today they will be priced at $12.80 and $24.80.  The 21oz Opaline jar of wild strawberries is $39.00 and the 10.75oz jar of babas is $18.00.  Today too they will be priced at $31.20 and $14.40




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