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poochmatEveryone who has purchased or received a Wellness Mat has very thankful feet, knees and back.  We have tried gel mats,and fabric covered mats and none can compare with the ones from this company.  They have a 20 year guarantee (which is probably a longer guarantee than a knee replacement). We have one in the shop  you can stand on too.  
 And (drum roll, please)  we're having a sanctioned sale on all Wellness Mats including  custom sizes, special designs, mats for your poor old pooches, and exercise mats. They are mats of choice for Homeland Security and TSA, and their use is widely advocated by healthcare professionals. These mats  are commonly used in the hospitality, industrial, medical and health & spa industries,

All Wellness Mats are manufactured in the US.  Among the features you will come to love are their gradual edges which will never curl, their beveled edge is designed to be no-trip. the polyurethane composition is 3/4 inches thick and is manufactured with the most advanced  technology.  Materials used are safe, non-toxic and odor free.  The surfaces on both sides are non-slip.  They are puncture and heat-resistant.  We have found them super easy to wipe clean and are generally dirt and stain resistant.  And if microbes are an issue, they are 99.99%  anti-microbial.
We carry the plain colors in 3x2 feet and 6x2 feet in the shop (these you can pick up too at the same 20% discount.) We can have them drop shipped to your address tool, We have lots of samples for you to look at in the shop too.  Socall, come in to the shop, or email us with your order through May 14 at this special discount. 
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