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  Fallot produces our favorite mustards.   If you have fallen in love with your earlier choices of Fallot Mustards, this is your chance to taste three new ones at a 20% discount. Today we will have their Provencale Mustard, Spiced Honey Mustard and Honey Balsamic Mustard open fprovencale mustardor tasting. 

The Provencal Mustard  combines tomatoes, red bell peppers, and Herbes de Provence to create a beautiful flavor to brighten any sandwich or sauce for seafood.  We found this mustard irresistible at the Fancy Food Show.

Fallot's Honey Balsamic Mustard successfully balances the sweet flavors of the balsamic and honey with their creamy Dijon mustard base.  You can create a lush vinaigrette,  or add to sauces that compliment chicken or pork.  The Spiced "gingerbread" mustard is based on the French cake  called pain d'epices. This mustard combines many of the same flavors and it is the perfect foil for a ham sandwich.



Check out what David Lebovitz has to say about making a classic vinaigrette and why Fallot is the best choice.  While we are only have a special promotion on these three mustards, you can pick up any additional ones that we carry. 

Classic, White Burgundy, Basil, Tarragon, Horseradish, Seed Style, Black Currant, Green Peppercorn, WalnutHoney & Gingerbread.

Call 800 521 1176  to get the discount on all three of these  Fallot mustards  if you cannot visit with us today.  We can't put this discount on our website.

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Event date: May 06, 2017 11:00 am
Event End Date: May 06, 2017 4:00 pm
Location La Cuisine
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